As part of a strategic plan to obtain liquidity with which to finance new investment projects, Cresud completed the sale of 100% of the shares of the Sociedad Anónima Carnes Pampeanas SA, owner of the Carnes Pampeanas industrial plant in the province of La Pampa, Argentina. For this operation, the agro-industrial firm belonging to the group led by Eduardo Elsztain, obtained US $ 10 million, which has already been paid in full, according to the company clarified in a note sent to the National Securities Commission.

The Carnes Pampeanas meat processor was acquired by Cresud in 2007 in partnership with Tyson Foods and Cactus Feeders. Subsequently, its participation in the business was increased until reaching all of the company’s shares as of 2011.

The Argentine group “Familia Lequio” became the new owner of Carnes Pampeanas. The buyer already has the Alberdi meat procesor in Entre Ríos.

The plant from which Cresud was disposed of is located on the outskirts of the city of Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa. It has the necessary authorizations to export to European, American and Asian markets. Participate in the so-called Hilton Quota. It also produces kosher meat that it ships to Israel. Its processing capacity is 9,500 heads per month, as reported by the firm on its website.