Argentine harvest data and projection has been updated in the last weeks. We publish new data related to the production of Cordoba province, one of the most important locations in agricultural production of the country. 


Less wheat production:


Cordoba produced lees wheat in this last campaign, the harvest volume was 1,8 million tonnes 60% lower than a year before and 36% below historical records. The reason was a lower yield than 2020 and a smaller planted area, this surface was 26% lower than last year. Other facts that show the reduction were that 6% of the wheat was only used to cover crops and 12% was lost by the dry conditions. The bad weather conditions were 25% dryer in the previous of the seed and 41% below during the growth of the crop. The dryer conditions affected the critical condition to finish to fill the grain.


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Cordoba total harvest has increased its value by 1200 million U$D:


The last information provided by the Cordoba Grain Exchange says that the harvest of the province could reach 8.740 million of U$D by the 28th of January. The calculations made by the local Grain Exchange have considered the impact of The Niña on the volume of the harvest. The drought, even the late seed impact in the volume of the harvest, will be 9,5 million tonnes by 2020/2021, fewer than 13,5 million of the 2019/2020 season.  


The projection was made by Gonzalo Augusto, an Argentine economist who works for the entity. The data is created by the total amount of the harvest and volume. The last prices by the end of January had records like 500 USD per soybean tonne.  The final number of 8.740 could be limited by low yields expected that could be even worse. These numbers considered soybean, corn, and wheat production, the volume for the last crops were 2800 tonnes for corn and 410 for wheat.

The Argentine government could also add 1,100 million USD in taxes, and Cordoba province could add 1300 million Argentine pesos, in the best scenario projected. 


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