The sowing of corn destined for commercial grain in the fields of the province of Buenos Aires began in the Salado Basin, and in the West and Central zones, the period of definition of yield with irregular water reserves for early plantings.

Depending on the humidity levels of the first centimeters of the profile, the producers continued with the incorporation of early, late and second occupation plants, said a report from the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange.
At the national level, 85.3% of the 6.3 million hectares projected for the 2020/21 season have already been incorporated.

114,755 hectares were planted in the Salado Basin; in the center, 323,010; in the southeast, 235,950; in the west of Buenos Aires and north of La Pampa, 690,000; and finally, in the southwest of Buenos Aires and south of La Pampa, 164,640 hectares.