The planting of soybeans and corn  began to slow down due to the lack of rain and high temperatures that prevent the restoration of moisture in the soils, reported the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange (BCBA).

During the week, more than 1.5 million hectares were planted, which is why 57.1% of the 17.2 million hectares stipulated for cultivation have already been covered.

However, “the lack of moisture replacement along with the gradual increase in temperatures begins to delay the implantation of the remaining first soybean tables and makes it difficult to start the sowing work for second-grade plants,” the BCBA indicated.

For this reason, “the dynamics and the possibility of specifying planting plans will depend on rainfall in the short and medium term,” he added.

As for corn, the incorporation of late batches of the cereal advanced, with a weekly advance of 17 percentage points in order to cover planting 47% of the 6.3 million hectares projected for the current campaign.

But, like soybeans, “regions are surveyed where work is stopped due to lack of surface moisture.”