The technology firm for agriculture, Syngenta, will begin to operate as a trader in the Argentine grain market.
As the company formally communicated, the modality used for the origination of grains will be the exchange of grains for inputs and seeds that the multinational produces.

The committed figure in this negotiation, as of January, is one million tons of soybeans and 100 thousand tons of soybean oil, for about US $ 500 million.

Sinograin, a Chinese state firm that in turn owns Syngenta, will be the recipient of the beans.
At the same time, the CEO for the region, Antonio Aracre, announced the disbursement of US $ 25 for the company’s seed plants in Argentina.

Currently, their installed capacity is operating to the maximum of its possibilities and they hope to be able to increase the production of sunflower and corn seeds by 20% between 2020 and 2021. This also means improvements in the quality process and that in high season they could generate 400 extra jobs to the two thousand they usually occupy in the country.