The project is very new and can become the start of a great business. The agricultural engineer and plant breeder, Julio Ferrarotti, partnered with five other Argentine entrepreneurs to form the Haziak company, dedicated to the genetic improvement, production and commercialization of non-transgenic soybeans.

It is a fully integrated company, that is, it is dedicated to research, cultivar development, production and subsequent commercialization of non-transgenic soybeans for export purposes.

“This project was born in 2016 when we began to work on the research lines of two non-transgenic soybean varieties. Now, in the short term, we will register the first two developments in the intellectual property registry, which will be exclusively for our own use. Then, in the next season 2021/22 we plan to sow the first 600 hectares in our own fields, to supply our first order of a total of 2,000 tons ”, Ferrarotti told EfarmNewsAr.

The plan is to supply the growing international demand for non-transgenic soy, with Premium products designed for the needs of buyers. “Mainly in Europe and North America there is a great demand for soybeans, both for human consumption and for organic animal fattening”, explained Ferrarotti.

The Argentine company Haziak, which in Basque means “seed”, seeks to supply small but highly profitable markets. Currently the administration is located in the city of Rosario and the experimental field in the city of Monte Buey Córdoba, on 10,000 own hectares.

“We seek to control in a totally controlled environment because our varieties are for exclusive use and we do not intend to enter the seed business, but to produce to supply the productive demand for special soybeans and against the season,” Ferrarotti closed.

A project that brings them and will have to be followed closely.