During the period of isolation and social distance produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, John Deere dealerships saw an exponential growth on inquiries from producers and contractors to incorporate technology into their equipment or manage monitoring packages and download from the Center Operations, the online platform that allows gather and analyze all the agronomic information of the lots and the performance of the equipment.

Agronomist Maximiliano Bonadeo, John Deere’s Head of Precision Agriculture, provided details on how, through connectivity and remote monitoring systems, Producers were supported by specialists from miles away. “The pandemic did not take us by surprise, it caught us in the middle of the heavy harvest season and machines were delivered virtually. We have been in the digital field since 2018, and we are constantly connected with all our clients”, says Bonadeo, and also assures that: “The Argentine producer is very well prepared for the management of technologies, which are constantly renew. The Argentine business model implies that in productions of large or medium-sized establishments the collaboration of the concessionaire is participating and accompanying, offering advice on the agronomic bond since we incorporate digital agriculture and connectivity tools in 2015”.

The Operations Center gathers all the equipment information and the agronomic data of the lots. “This platform allows the producer remote access to information on the location of the machinery, fuel use and performance. But the most important thing is that with all this information gather, it simplifies the producer’s decision-making”, comments Bonadeo.

On the other hand, Bonadeo points out that one of the great advantages that the producer obtained during the isolation period was the availability of the Operations Support Centers that John Deere has in different dealerships distributed throughout the country, from where they can be monitored equipment connected to the system and remote monitoring. Currently, the John Deere network has 14 Operations Support Centers in the country.

In addition to all this permanent communication between producers and dealers is the new John Deere Conecta technological platform, which allows a complete connection experience and virtual relationship between the customer and the brand & the dealers network.

In terms of technological incorporation by producers, John Deere’s head of precision agriculture ensures that moving from traditional work in the field to agriculture by environment has an average margin of 35% higher productivity. “No producer would dare to go back and not incorporate technology. Technology solves problems”, says Bonadeo.

In terms of launches, John Deere added to its product portfolio the new S440 combine, which corresponds to the Power Group 4. It has a renewed body, design and cabin and is characterized by its low weight and easy maneuverability. The S440 has an axial threshing system, a TriStream Rotor and has two options for handling crop residues: chopper and straw spreader.

Finally, the company launched the 6M tractor, which is notable for its automated Commandquad transmission with 20 forward and 20 reverse gears. This feature allows the tractor to identify the most efficient gear for the land automatically, consuming less fuel and allowing the driver to concentrate on the operation. In addition, it has the latest advances in connectivity, with the possibility of accessing the John Deere Operations Center to obtain all the information necessary for making intelligent decisions.