Keeping its focus on the genetic improvement program that is currently being developed in 15 countries and has 1.4 million plots per year, the DONMARIO brand adds new launch varieties in RR1 and Intacta technologies, and presents varieties with the new Enlist technology to the market. in soy, in addition to some projects in this era of digitization of agriculture, always thinking of helping the producer to maximize productivity from genetics.

DonMario launches two new varieties in this campaign, DM46i20 IPRO STS and DM55R20 STS, positioning them in the south-central region of the soybean region. DM46i20 IPRO STS is a variety that for the second year in a row never ceases to amaze due to its performance in third-party and brand-owned networks, with INTACTA and STS technology. And DM55R20 STS, with RR1 and STS technology, managed to raise the performance ceilings even further and provide greater stability compared to its competitors in the market.
The big news is the launch of DonMario Enlist soy varieties, a technology that DonMario incorporated into its breeding program and has been working for 10 years in Argentina to prepare for its commercial launch in the 2021/22 season.

Faced with the growing weed problem facing the soybean producer, DonMario will provide an innovative tool with multiple benefits so that, with the Enlist control system, the potential of genetics can be maximized even in lots with expanded problems and high pressure of weeds such as Amaranthus resistant to the herbicide glyphosate. It proposes a control system with greater flexibility in the application window, giving DonMario Enlist soybeans tolerance to 3 modes of action, 2,4-D, glufosinate ammonium and glyphosate. “The varieties that we will launch in 2021 are all STS, with which the DonMario Enlist portfolio is added a 4 mode of action resistant to herbicides ALS that offers greater flexibility to the system”, says Santiago Santamarina, manager of Autógamas at GDM.

“The investment developed over these 10 years allows us today to offer the producer 6 varieties with elite genetics ranging from maturity group 3 to 6 medium with a yield performance, along with the best witnesses on the market”, Santamarina assures . In this way, DonMario reaches the producer, being the only company in Argentina that offers the 3 technologies available in soybean cultivation with cutting-edge genetics for all the productive regions of the country.
The company’s strategy is to remain as an independent company developing its local improvement program to offer all the options, and that it is the producer based on his needs who defines with what technology he chooses to plant DonMario soybeans.
The three fundamental pillars on which the company proposes the launch of its Enlist soybeans are: 10 years of local improvement to achieve adapted varieties, a complete portfolio from the year of launch from GM III to VI medium and elite performance on par with the best witnesses of the market.

Santiago Santamarina adds that “During the 2020 campaign we will offer the opportunity to live the DonMario Enlist Experience in the field of 50 producers, and developing demos in collaboration with them to share the value proposition in the field facing the commercial launch, while we prepare with our strategic partners the network of DonMario Cooperators, multiplying more than 10 hectares where the potential of DonMario genetics can also be experimented with ”.

At the same time, the firm is working on digital tools that allow the producer to be more sustainable and efficient in their agricultural production, as well as giving them the possibility of sharing all the knowledge for the management of soy, wheat and corn, reaffirming one of the most important principles. valuable brand, closeness to the producer. The launch of this tool under the name of Exact Handling will take place in the coming weeks, for the new soybean campaign and aims to bring the value proposition of its seeds closer to the broadest technical information to achieve the best positioning in the fields. of those who opt for DonMario genetics.

Exact handling will allow to consult on the recommended varieties for each area and will allow to see the comparisons with the main controls for said recommendation. It is a way of sharing the information generated by our research and development teams throughout the more than 7 years that entails the development of a variety in a simple and fast way through a digital consultation channel. Likewise, the tool will offer other functionalities so that the producer can upload information about their batches and have in a single place the information of satellite images and other common queries for management