The coronavirus pandemic did not modify the planting plans of Argentine producers who are already thinking about the corn and soybean campaign. The NK Semillas company presents a wide portfolio of products and technology to obtain the best yields.

Francisco Pérez Brea, Marketing Manager at NK Seeds, tells us about the crop prospects and the management news for the next season. “For two months, producers have been very avid asking about hybrids and about the management recommendations that companies like us can provide and obviously our distributors. The producer realized that the way he has for a good business this year is by maximizing yields”, says Pérez Brea.

On the other hand, Pérez Brea assures that the producers are carrying out the sowing plans batch by batch, both for corn and soybeans. And in the case of sunflower, where NK has a very strong presence, a recovery of the area is being visualized sown, especially in the north.

Regarding the proposals to the producer, NK is based on three fundamental pillars: genetics; technology; and the management of Sistema NK, a platform that allows loading specific information on each batch and processing it in relation to the data from the largest and most up-to-date test network in the country.

“We want to give the producer the best genetics, and the best technology with the best management so that he can make the best decisions,” says Pérez Brea. And for this, with regard to soybeans, the company launched two new varieties: the 49X20 IPRO STS for core, center and coastline zones; and the 80X20 IPRO STS, developed for the northern region of the country.

Regarding corn, NK’s portfolio stands out for the diversity of options and the high added value contained in each seed. They combine high potential yields with excellent sanitary profiles and the exclusive Agrisure Viptera technology for protection against Lepidoptera. “We have a very solid portfolio, with a wide range of products that include hybrids developed to ensure yields, whether in early and late plantings, in the NOA, NEA or the Core Zone”, concludes Marketing Manager of NK Seeds.