It is one of the main exporting cold storage plants in Argentina. The effluent and biogas project includes an effluent treatment plant or aerobic part and a biogas plant. In addition, it will allow the creation of biogas necessary for the generation of 1.5 MW of electrical energy. In this way, the construction of the plant that would supply the largest biogas reactor in South America, with a processing capacity of 7000 m3 per day.

The substitute principal of the firm, Carlos Alberto Riusech (h), estimated that the project will start in early 2022, although there will be stages of the project that can be used before others. “What motivates us to do this is to obtain a positive result for the company by having a comprehensive closure of what is the management of effluents and plant waste,” said Ruisech.

The plant will be installed on one of the company’s premises. The particularity of this project is that it allows generating a sustainable solution in ecological, corporate social responsibility and economic terms.
The project is circumscribed within the framework of RenovAR 3.0., Launched by the national government to stimulate the generation of renewable energy.

Gorina is a leading company in the Argentine meat processing industry. It was founded 50 years ago, and from 1999 it comes to occupy a prominent place in the supply of beef to both the local and international markets. The Meat processing plant has a total capacity of 50,000 tons per year and exports 75% of its production.