The Argentine firm Santa Rosa Semillas is working to offer the maximum technology to the producer in the next soybean campaign. With this objective, it presents three new varieties of seeds designed to offer the best yields.

Gustavo Bearzi, director of the Cooperativa Criadero Santa Rosa Ltda, explained in dialogue with Efarm: “For this campaign we are offering four new varieties designed to maximize yields in the field. We must bear in mind that the soybean campaign in Argentina would start with adverse weather forecasts for La Niña and therefore the recommendation to the producer is to focus on planting soybean varieties that offer stability in yield”.

The agronomist engineer also announced that in the coming weeks the company will officially launch the pre-campaign aimed at the producers and members of the cooperative.

The varieties that stand out in the next campaign will be, in the first place, the 5217, group five undetermined and which is launched to replace the RA550. This variety has excellent yield potential, even superior to top materials from other seed farms. It presents a very good development in the Entre Ríos area, north central Santa Fe and even in the core area.

“In zonal evaluations, where traditionally the cooperative members do comparative performance tests, the 5217 variety was always on the podium with respect to its maturity group”, Bearzi said.

The second release is the RA4318 variety, cycle 4.5, its outstanding attribute is stability and versatility. It is developed for the core area, south central and north of Buenos Aires and south of Santa Fe.
The third launch is the maximum performance RA3816 cycle 3.9, designed for the core area, central south and north of Buenos Aires, south of Santa Fe and southeast of Córdoba.

Continuing with the portfolio of the last campaign but which is still available to the producer, the variety RA5816 stands out, which comes to occupy the role of 518. According to the technician, it has a very good adaptation to heavier soils.

Another of the varieties is RA569, which replaces the traditional R549. It is designed to be planted in environments that are more demanding and that have drier conditions.

Finally, in what is a medium cycle, the variety RA655 is offered to replace 626, a seed that was very well accepted in Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Uruguay.

“Both RA5816 and RA655 offer lanceolate sheet and that is something that is very liked by producers in the area who continue to choose materials from Santa Rosa Semillas”.