The Genetic Plant Company of Paraguay (GenePar), created from the alliance of the Colonias Unidas Cooperative and the Agro Santa Rosa firm, continues to grow in the growing Paraguayan soybean market, with two varieties already registered and three new ones to be launched for the 2020/21 campaign, as detailed by Efarm Fabricio Caetano Bianchi, President of the company.

“Paraguayan agriculture still has a lot to grow and in this market, Genepar, which has the support of the genetics of the renowned Santa Rosa seedbed, has a lot of potential because its materials are high-performance in these soils”,  Bianchi, said

Currently the company offers two registered and already being marketed materials, the 5715 soybean variety, with Intacta RR2 PRO technology and high potential. It is a variety imported from Argentina, which reaches maturity in 124 days.

It also offers the GP5917RG variety, with very high potential. It is a semi-early material that reaches 128 fully matured, with RRI technology, it is aimed at producers who do not prefer Intacta technology.
Regarding future plans, Bianchi announced that for the 2020/21 campaign they plan to launch three new varieties of soybeans and for the medium term they are also working to introduce wheat seeds, with technology developed by the Argentine seedbed.

Santa Rosa has been growing strongly in the international market. Last year it opened its subsidiary in South Africa. Meanwhile in Uruguay he founded Varock SA that sells Santa Rosa seeds.
In addition, with the help of Genepar, a firm in which Santa Rosa owns 25% of the share capital, it intends to take off in this market. Meanwhile, it also plans to continue launching new varieties in Brazil, where Santa Rosa has five percent Intellicrops Sementes.