July 6th- As the biggest economy on Earth, the United States is a dominant producer of commodities but also a great importer of them. The American economy is also very competitive and their custom policy is very strict when imports reach the country. 


Actually the country is the third biggest trade partner after China and Brazil. The purchasing power of its consumer makes America the most desired country to offer retail and food products, even specialties. A big producer of grains, America has an important and very hard market, few seed companies in Argentina are looking to get a part of the market especially in soybean. 


  We collect many articles that we had published in our site and other information available on Argentine websites to give you a better idea of the relationship between Argentina and the United States.  


Please check the titles below and the links to articles. 


Recent  agricultural exports to the United States: 


The latest data available show that is a tendency to increase agricultural exports to the United States. We find this information in a virtual meet with the agriculture attaché of Argentina in the United States. The detailed information is the link below:    




The Argentine seed company which exports to the United States: 


A leading Argentine seed company made an important effort to keep expanding its market share in the United States. Don Mario made an own record exporting a record quantity of seeds by plane to the United States. The cargo lines by American Airlines do not stop even during coronavirus pandemia. For more information related to recent export of soybeans, can be checked in the next link: 




Bioceres common projects with American companies: 


The biggest agriculture biotech company in Argentina has made common projects with American companies. This has a positive result in the research pipeline adding a more diversified portfolio in the future. This positive impact will be done thanks to the partnership between INDEAR (Bio Agrotechnology Institute of Rosario) and different labs in the United States.  Bioceres invested in Tecnoseeds subscribing the 50% of capital and 40% of Agrality, gaining specific capacities in niches of the seed industry. All the details related to management and installations could be check in the link under this text.  




International demands of traceability include the United States:


Agtrace is an Argentine company that allows control of the residuality in food-related to high standards in many markets as Europe, and in a near-future market like Brazil, Canada, and United States. To have a better idea of how this company has improved the detection of any toxicity in food and how is adapting to the regulation of every G20 country. It can be checked in the link below:  




The Argentine winery industry trying to gain market in America:


Argentina is a big exporter of wine. Many wineries have a long history in Argentina as soon as the country is well-known for Malbec or Cabernet-Sauvignon. One f the biggest beer producers of Argentina decided to add wine production in its portfolio. This past February, Quilmes bought a winery, this is a chance to grow in local markets and even bigger importers and clients as the United States and China. If you are interested in this segment of this market or the current investment of this company. Please click in the next link: 




The importance of corn of Argentina and Brazil production vs. The United States. 


Argentina and Brazil are big exporters of corn. This 2020 the data made them a possible dominant player versus the United States the bigger exporter impacting prices, trade, and even geopolitics because of Chinese influence in South American grain markets. For a better understanding of what has happened in the last season before the harvest. You can check the data here: 




If you look for more information related to the different markets, biotech traits, and other topics you can check our special chapter: http://bit.ly/ArgentineAgricultureEnciclopedia