As part of its growth project and with the aim of strengthening its position in the corn market, in recent years DonMario has focused on its distribution network, doubling down on efforts to improve its arrival at the producer.
“Today we have more than 200 points of sale of our products, in a network that aims to bring the best proposal to the producer day by day, get to know it and give it our best recommendation to position the hybrids in the portfolio”, says Laura Lázara, Manager DonMario’s Corn.

In the 19/20 campaign, about 300 producers throughout the country planted comparative trials with DonMario hybrids to learn about the products.

In this campaign DonMario will present to the market a new hybrid of very high performance with VT3P technology, which stood out among the first places in its testing network.

“DM 2773 VT3P, exceeded our expectations and we want to offer the producer for its high performance environments, looking for performance ceilings. We recommend it for early and late dates”, Lázara assured to Efarm.

The most popular hybrid is still DM 2738 MGRR, which stands out for its drying speed and its combination of performance and stability. According to Lázara, it occupies 50% of the company’s corn sales.
DM 2742 MGRR is recommended for medium productivity plants, with silent aptitude and a sanitary profile that stands out in the market.

To these materials, we add DM 2771 VT3P, for late sowing with excellent behavior to blight and DM 2772 VT3P, high performance with an excellent sanitary profile, positioning itself for both early and late sowing.
“We are already thinking about the next campaign, and we will have news of new hybrids in our portfolio with Víptera 3 technology” Laura Lázara, says.

From the company they also say that they expect corn planting to decrease by around 8%, particularly due to climatic issues. In any case, the pre-season was very good in terms of sales and they hope that the cereal will continue to occupy a privileged place within its product portfolio and commercial strategies.