The area sown with 2020/21 wheat in Argentina would be 6.7 million hectares, below the previously estimated 6.8 million, due to dry conditions in producing areas in the north and west, the Grain Exchange said Thursday. from Buenos Aires (BCBA).

Argentina is a leading world exporter of wheat and, according to the weekly report of crops of the Stock Exchange, so far the producers have completed the sowing of 58.1% of the planned surface for the cereal.
“This reduction is due to the dry climate that has prevailed over the north and west of the agricultural area during most of the cereal planting window, thus resigning a total of 150,000 hectares,” said the BCBA.
The entity’s report added that, due to favorable rains in the southern agricultural area, it raised its forecast of wheat area in that region by 50,000 hectares.

In turn, the Cereal Exchange terminated the 2019/20 Argentine soybean harvest, with a final production of 49.6 million tons as a result of a planted area of ​​17.4 million hectares.