The Argentine agricultural attache in the United States, José Molina, highlighted that during the first quarter of the year exports of agricultural products to that country increased 10%.

In a virtual talk organized by the Córdoba Cereal Exchange, Molina highlighted that the shipment of products such as beef, cheese, canned and non-perishable products, is growing and there are good prospects.
Argentina currently has a quota of export to the United States of 20,000 tons a year of beef and much of that production is used to make hamburgers.

According to Molina, in the first quarter of the year all exports in the same period of 2019 were exceeded and this was due to the increase in purchases by the quarantine in that country that affected food production.
Pears, apples, strawberries, lemons, prawns, honey, tea, wines and garlic are some of the Argentine products that are exported to the USA. In the last year there was an increase in cheeses, where Argentina has a quota of 3,800 tons for the Italian type product.

Molina highlighted opportunities for pulses. “We are happy to see that the common and black beans have been identified as growth potential”, he said.