The agro-industrial firm Adecoagro that lists its shares on the NY Stock Exchange and that last year bought two industrial plants from the SanCor dairy cooperative reported the results of its 2019 balance in which it announced that its sales reached u$s891.5 million , which means an increase of 10% over the previous year.

In addition, the company led by the Argentine businessman Mariano Bosch achieved a net profit of u$s342.000, a year earlier had a negative result of u$s23.2 million.

Adecoagro has a fully diversified business with operations in Argentina (milk, peanuts, rice and grains), Brazil (sugar cane, energy and grains) and Uruguay (grains), in these three countries it also has a segment dedicated to transformation and exploitation land in association with third parties.

Adecoagro’s milk production during 2019 reached 120.1 million liters, 18.7 million or 18.5% more compared to the same period last year. This increase is entirely attributable to the 19.6% increase in their dairy cow herd.
Annually, the firm has been processing 136.9 million liters of raw milk, of which 76.4 million came from its own facilities.