The Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange cut Argentine soybean production from 55 to 52 million tons, as a result of the drought that affected the crop in recent weeks.

For the same reason, some time before the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) did the same: it reduced its calculation by 3.5 million tons or 6.3 percent, from 55 million tons projected in February to 51.5 million .

Regarding corn, the stock market reports agree that until now it suffered less from the impact of the lack of rain. For this reason, they maintained the projection of 50 million tons in which both entities coincide.
The rains registered in part of the agricultural area during the
last days improved the situation of the crop.

Finally, during this week, the sunflower harvest reached 53.3% of the estimated area nationwide. Simultaneously, it is recorded an adequate to optimal water condition in 80% of the remaining area.