March 2020- Ledesma is the biggest sugarcane producer in Argentina,  located in Libertador General San Martín, Jujuy. The company has expanded in 1960, adding citrus to its production. It has production in orange juice. The company produced since 2009 grapefruits. The firm which has diversified business units like cattle breeding in Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos provinces; in energy, the company has also participated in the bioethanol industry. 


The company has 40,000 hectares dedicated to sugarcane production. Also the company has a diversified chain including factories of: sugar, alcohol, bioethanol, cellulose and paper. The company also has a plant for processing fruits, and for producing juice. 


The company also processes corn in its own factory, it also produces fructose, glucose, starch. In San Luis province are based its plants related to paper production and notebooks. 

The company has its own capacity of energy production too, 58000 MW. 


In meat and grain production has 52,000 hectares in Buenos Aires province. 


The company was founded in the XIX century and became Ledesma Firm in XX century. Blaquier’s family has hesitated the Wollmann family, the founders of the company. 


The group has a financial plan which is sustainable:


The company has asked for lendings to two banks to develop its competitiveness plan, from two Dutch banks FMO and Rabobank. It also was used as a tool to refinance its own short debt and re-buy its corporate bonds. The loan itself could be expanded totalizing 110 million dollars.


How Argentine economic crisis and international market affects business rentability: 


The low prices in international markets have affected the results of the company, the sugar price is 150 dollars down its 10-year average. The industrial demands related to candies and beverages also was hit by lacking demand in the local market. The Argentine families consumption is the key to the actual relief for the company, click here to know more:


Transformations in paper industry segment: 


In other media also published details in the business plan of the company. The company closed a factory in San Luis province and fired 85 employees. Although the company also have invested in its factory in Jujuy, their company invested 4,5 million of dollars. The San Luis factory has been bought to Massah, a rival in the Argentine market in 17,5 million dollars. Actually, with the loss in illustrator paper production, the natural-based sugarcane paper will be the start exporting to the United States and European Union. 


The source for this data is: “Cronista Comercial”.




Ledesma produced 317,000 tonnes of sugar: 


We add data published by Infocampo in November of 2019. The company have the same results in 2018-2019, even the conditions in 2018 were worse. As published above, the company has an investment plan of 4,5 million dollars. 


The company crushed 3.000.000 millions of sugarcane from its own and 700,000 of other producers, other media Télam, the national press agency said that the production was 4,000,000 tonnes. The company claimed that adding more volume to the production was a logistical challenge but also an opportunity to the expansion of the Jujuy economy and creating sources of jobs. 


The plan for 2020 is to increase the production from sugarcane to produce natural paper, to export to developed economies.


Source: Infocampo/Télam.


2019- How much sugar Ledesma export to the United States:


Argentina exports every year 43.243 tonnes to the United States. Ledesma will export 12.572 tonnes in 2019-2020. The company crushed 4 million tonnes of sugarcane. Ledesma produces 17% of Argentine sugar production. And 25% of its own production is exported every year.   


Source: Todo Jujuy.


2018- Ledesma starts to sell on-line its office retail on the Internet: 


March 2018- Ledesma started to sell on-line, its line of retail for office. All its lines of products in any of its own trademarks are available on the site. Their brands like AVON, Quinquela, Gloria, Éxito, Autor. Are available for buying notebooks, artistic paper, and printing paper too. The offer and credit options have added a retail channel for one of the biggest businesses in the company. Produce and sell the paper. 


2019- Ledesma launches three natural sweeteners to the Argentine market: 


The company has launched to the market in the last year tree sweeteners: a diet sweetener, a common sweetener, and organic sugar. The launching was called “The evolution of Sugar”, the details of the products are “Natural Selection Sugar Ledesma”, it is made by crystallization of sugarcane juice without crushing or processing. The diet version “Ledesma 0%” is made by a sweetener of sucralose. The Light Sugar Ledesma, this kind of sweetener consists of a mix of sucralose and sugar and has 50% lees of calories. 


Source: Infocampo


Ledesma joins to an Innovation Cluster: 


The company will add 10% of the hectares that the cluster will use for tests and also 10% of the cowherd which will be available. The cluster works with many countries in South America and promotes startups which could help to improve in irrigation, e-commerce, and productivity overall. This happened in April of 2019, please click here:


Beyond Sugarcane: Two attractive business for the company: 


Meat production: 


A Japanese company was really interested in investing in the company, but in the meat production segment. The agreement between Mitsui and Ledesma will help to add technology in the cattle breeding segment. In a win-win relationship Ledesma associates with the Japanese company to enlarge its production:


Citruses production: 


Essential oils business is one of the best to add value to citrus. Refined and destined to the cosmetic industry, cheap and high-quality essential oils are made in Argentina and having international markets like the United Kingdom. Fruit juice has also an important addition to the value in the food chain. Fresh juice is well appreciated in local markets and around the world.


A creation of a factory for expanding citruses production: 

The company expanded 200 hectares production. Ledesma invested in 8 million USD adding in 50% of factory capacity. Javier Goñi said that this investment helps to maintain the competitiveness of Argentina in this market.  The company had at this moment, 2500 employees.