The Argentine agri-food sector in the Pampas region exported $ 32.3 billion in 2019. This is the highest figure in the last six years.

The report prepared by IERAL, Fundación Mediterranea, explains that considering a total of exports of $65.1 billion, these 10 productive economies, particularly linked to Pampas, account for almost 50% of the country’s foreign trade.

Another fact to keep in mind is that exports of these chains grew by almost $ 5,000 million in 2019, while all the country’s exports reached $ 3.300 million, therefore, all the growth of commercial currencies last year could be attributed to the good performance of agricultural and livestock chains.

In addition, exports of all meats expanded, although the record in shipments of beef, very leveraged in the Chinese market, stands out. On the other hand, the numbers of agricultural chains were very good, where historical levels of corn exports with 36,100,000 tons were recorded.

The main market for these agricultural and agroindustrial products was China. About $ 5.430 million was generated in operations with the Asian giant, 17% of the total. The second destination was Vietnam, with $2.540 million and India appears in third place with $2.000 million.