While the European Union advances regulations in the use of agrochemicals for agricultural production, the Argentine firm Rizobacter, dedicated to inoculants and biological products, takes advantage of the opportunity that presents itself and continues to grow in exports, by 2020 it plans to sell 1.7 million doses to this market.

The company that has its base of operations in the city of Pergamino currently supplies the markets of Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Austria and the Netherlands in Europe. It has 28 records of approved products and is in the process of approval of another 10, so it expects to launch new products in the short term.

“The main product we export from Argentina to the European Union is soybean inoculants, in Germany we have about 60% of the market and in France 30% and the goal is to become leaders in all markets in this business segment. It is a dispersed market but totalize around 5 million hectares and we believe it has a lot of potential for the company ”, Alejandro Lehmann, said, Regional Manager Europe of Rizobacter in dialogue with eFarmNewsAr.com.

The Argentine company works with distributors established in the European market such as the multinational Syngenta and the French De Sangosse. Its greatest strength is its wide portfolio of products with which it manages to adapt to each particular market: “We have a wide range of technologies, of greater or lesser value and also a packaging that meets the needs of buyers”, says Lehmann.

In this context, although the company wants to become a reference in soybean inoculation in the European Union, it also bets on growing in other crops and with another product palette. “With the inoculants we have a lot to develop in legumes but we also have other microorganisms, such as our product Rizofos, which is a biological fertilizer that gives very good results in potatoes, corn and wheat. Specifically, wheat has much more surface area in the EU than soybeans, making it a very convenient market and where we find growth opportunities for the company” Rizobacter Regional Manager Europe said.