We published many articles related to wheat in 2019. Argentina is an important exporter of wheat, and also has many seed breeders companies developing many traits for the crop. We made a summary to our readers to understand better how the crop has evolved in 2019.

Seed Breeders:

An article was written about the success in yields related to Argentine company Don Mario, a dominant player locally and in South America, the great results reached the 10,000 kilos per hectare, this data came on February 13th of 2019:



We published an article related to the increase of fertilizers used and the improve of wheat protein in the last season, Argentina had many records in fertilizers imports in the last years, this happened on january 2nd of 2019:


The expansión of wheat crop in Argentina from 2016 to 2019 was the main factor in the consumption of fertilizers, for this reason, we published how the the last season impacted in fertilizers demand because of a larger area planted, the bigger investment in fertilization. We published on :


As a media we follow every new launch on the agrochemical industry for every crop. In july, we write about the launching of Tridium developed by UPL. you can check the details of the event clicking on the link below.


We also add to our site scientific information coming from universities, the resistance of fungus to strobulins has its own space in our page, all the information related to the research could be find in the link below:


HB4- Wheat:

As a media de made many articles related to the launch of HB4 wheat, former president Mauricio Macri was interested in the conflict of wheat exporters and biotech companies like Bioceres. The new wheat developed by the company had not approval in any country at that moment, we published on February 5th of 2019:

2018- Science Minister supports HB4 Wheat:

Cambiemos administration was sympathetic to approve GMO and other biotech developments and discoveries. The Science minister Lino Barañao was an strong supporter for the approval of HB4 wheat, that can tolerant in better condition droughts. Click here to understand more in Argentine biotech and science policies:



We cover any new data published about forecasts and projections of wheat.

The coverage of the wheat season many times has been related to weather conditions. A record area was planted in Argentina, in this last season despite the heavy rain at the moment of seed. This data was critical in that moment, know the details here:


In April, we publish the first estimations made by Buenos Aires Grain Exchange (BCBA), at this moment the projections show possibilities in breaking records related to wheat production. The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange publish many data including statics by regions and weekly newsletter, click here for more details:


In September, we publish the official data from Agriculture secretariat. The estimations from them at that moment were 21 millions of tonnes, some critics considered that was too optimistic. http://efarmnewsar.com/2019-09-09/the-government-expects-a-21-mmt-wheat-harvest-this-season.html

In November of 2019, we published the final stage of the season, you could check it here, the most important topic was the reduction in volume to 18 million metric tons: