(Photo: Minister Etchevehere (left) views the Braford cattle grazing in an irrigation circle)

San Luis, November 22. At noon, a jet landed on the Agritur S. A. farm, in Quines (San Luis province). The figure of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Luis Miguel Etchevehere emerged from the door and walked down the stairs. He was received by Luis Bameule, CEO of the company, who had organized a field day to show their farming and livestock production model, and the new solar plant, inaugurated in September 1st.

The farm has 9,000 hectares dedicated to cattle breeding, 1,100 of them are dedicated to crop and forage production under an irrigation scheme. The electricity needed to pump water and to move the ten pivots is the second largest cost for the company. For this reason, in early 2016 they contacted MWh Solar to analyze the possibility to replace the electricity supplied by the distribution company by self-generated solar energy.

Mr. Etchevehere was impressed by the innovation and the sophistication he was seeing. He wrote in this twitter account: “Agritur implemented a solar panel system that provides energy to irrigate 450 hectares of corn, oat, and pastures for cattle breeding. This is the first solar energy plant for self-consumption in the country!”

Howard Foy, CEO of MWh Solar, introduced Mr. Etchevehere in the details of the solar plant, which his team mounted in less than a month of work. He was able to learn about the saved costs thanks to solar energy use, and the potential of this technology in this rural region of Argentina, with high sunlight availability, good-quality underground water and low rains that make irrigation mandatory.