Buenos Aires, November 13th. Sebastian Popik knows very well the agribusiness ecosystem in South America. His father, Carlos Popik was a high official in Monsanto Argentina during the ’90, who stays well connected with the most relevant figures of the local scene. Although he is focused on the management of his farming company Popiquen SA (based at 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires province), he is a prominent member of the Bioceres’ board, the biotechnological domestic company, developer of the HB4 drought-resistant trait.

At the beginning of the new century, Sebastián fully entered to the agribusiness operation via Pampa Capital Investment, a dream team where Sebastian worked alongside another former high Monsanto official, Miguel Potocnik, and the founder and CEO, coming from Bunge & Born, Alejandro Quentin.

With Pampa Capital they invested in seeds companies like Relmo and Sursem (currently owned by Limagrain) and farm machinery like Pla (currently owned by John Deere).

Now, Sebastián is leading Aqua Capital Partners, “an independent private equity firm focusing on growth investments in mid-market companies throughout the Brazilian and South American agribusiness value chain” as their web presentation said.

Aqua Capital exhibits an impressive investment portfolio, for instance, GeneSeas “an integrated tilapia producer and processor that occupies a leadership position in the Brazilian market” or Aquafeed “an animal nutrition producer with a focus on fish feed”.

Furthermore, the company operates in the ag-inputs market, through Fertilaqua (foliar fertilizers), Rural Brasil (inputs dealing) or Biotrop (biologicals).

In 2017, they launched Aqua Capital Fund II, closed with a US$370 million committed, where nearly 30% of it came from the US endowment. Overall, over 60% came from North America, 20% from Europe, 10% from the Middle East and the remainder from local Latin American investors, according to the press release.

Sebastián earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University, which he attended as a Fulbright Scholar, and a BA in Economics from Universidad de San Andrés