Buenos Aires, November 11th. In simultaneous with a change of the political sign in the National Administration, the influential agribusiness icon Rosario Board of Trade (BCR) is ending the Alberto Padoan cycle and proposing Mr. Daniel Nasini as the new president, that will take office late this year.

Mr. Padoan was the director of one of the largest local agribusiness companies like Vicentin. On the other hand, he was viewed as a proxy or an ally of the Cambiemos Government. Perhaps the board of the BCR considered a refresh of its frontman, in order to maintain the better relation not only with a Peronism Government at a national level but at the provincial too, considering that after twelve years of socialism in Santa Fre province, next December 10th, Peronist Omar Perotti will assume office.

“Nasini is a low profile businessman that has a large record in the BCR. He comes from the financial activity, where the BCR is currently focused on, with very ambitious projects like the creation of its own bank”, journalist Mariano Galindez told to eFarmNewsAr.com. In fact, Mr. Nasini is currently Second Vice Chairman of the BCR.

He mentioned that Mr. Nasini run remarkable management when he led the Mercado Argentino de Valores, creating Rosario Fiduciaria, a strategic company to bring the credit to the small and medium companies in the region.

But he is also involved in a grain broker company like AgroInversora Pampeana (AIPSA) is. According to a source of eFarmNewsAr.com, linked with this operation, AIPSA is a traditional and well-considered broker by farmers in the zone. It is no a minor aspect, since one of the “spoiled child” of Rosario’s agribusiness establishment, BLD, just entered into default, leaving debts over US$100 million.

“It is expected management with a large and productive dialogue both with the provincial and the national governments and deepening the ties with the financial business”, Mr. Galindez added.

Federico Helman, from the wheat milling industry, and Hugo Grassi (h), from the traditional grain broker house, will accompany Mr. Nasini on the board of the BCR.