(Photo: the sunflower crop is in the scope of the IndigoAg innovative solutions)

Buenos Aires, October 28th. The Argentine branch of Indigo Ag launched its own Research and Development program in the country and nominated Mr. Carlos Vasallo as the team leader.

During 15 years, Mr. Vasallo worked for Dow AgroScience as insecticides and nematicides development leader for Latin America, and also as biotechnology traits development leader for the South Cone.

The press release of the company explains that Indigo Ag Argentina is focused on developing new microbial products not only for the soybean, wheat and corn crops but also for rice, sunflower, peanut, cotton, beans, and chickpeas.

“Farming is moving to more natural products, that came from the environment. While the industry is far to reach this objective, from Indigo we are committing to close this gap”, Vasallo said. “We want to consolidate the work made in the last years, transforming the agriculture with innovative solutions easy to apply in the farm and which represent a real benefit for farmers”, he added.

The company says that this initiative represents a strong commitment to the growth in the domestic market, enlarging its teams, and enhancing sustainability goals. The company adds that treating seeds with microorganisms, Indigo Ag will bring benefits to the crops with fewer environmental effects.

Photo. Carlos Vasallo, new R+E leader