(Photo: 71% of the Cordoba’s legislators supported the new act)

Córdoba, October 17th. Yesterday, Wednesday 16th, the Legislative chamber of the Cordoba province passed a law for the promotion of the Good Agricultural Practices(GAPs) in the province’s territory. It’s the first province in Argentina to rule on GAPs.

The new law (number 10,663) rules that farmers in the province will be able to receive funds from the local Government if they join the GAP program of the province.

The Cordoba’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock created this program with the goal to award the farmers which incorporate GAPs in their management. The program reached the support of prestigious institutions like the No-Till Farmers Association (AAPRESID) or Agriculture Experimental Consortiums Association (AACREA). Already, around 3,000 farmers jointed the program.

The law establishes a Fund for the Development and Promotion of the Good Agricultural Practices, funded by the local budget. From this fund, the farmers will be able to access “no-refundable payments” if they adopt GAPs.

The law defines GAPs as the “principles, norms and technical recommendations, with the goal to reduce the physical, biological and chemical risks in the production, processing, storage, and transport of farm goods, focused into assuring the safety of the products, the environment and workers protection, to tend to the sustainable development”.

The act was passed last Wednesday with the affirmative vote of 50 legislators over a total of 53. Seventeen legislators were absent at the votation moment.
Now, it is expected that other relevant agricultural provinces, like Santa Fe, Buenos Aires or Entre Rios follow this big step given by Cordoba.