(Photo: A field day in San Luis province. Agronomist José María Martínez talks to the farmers about Santa Rosa’s new cultivars)

Buenos Aires, September 16th. The Argentinian farmer is well supplied of new soybean varieties. There are many breeding companies developing new genetic each campaign, and one of them is Santa Rosa Semillas. Based at the heart of the Pampas, this seed company launched two new cultivars with a unique characteristic: its lanceolate leaves.

Most of the popular soybean varieties in the country have oval or ovate leaflets. “The lanceolate leaflets cultivars have two agronomic advantages”, the Soybean Developing Leader, José María Martínez, told to eFarmNewsAr.com. “On the one hand, they are more efficient to capture solar energy. On the other hand, these cultivars permit a better chemicals application, because the drop penetrates more inside the canopy”, he explained. This is a relevant issue for protecting the crop against pests and diseases.

RA 655 is one of these particular cultivars. It belongs to the Maturity Group VI and is well adapted to the Entre Ríos province and center and north of Santa Fe province agroecological environments. The RA 5816 is another cultivar with lanceolate leaflets and belongs to the Maturity Group V.

“But the lanceolate leaflet is associate with rusticity and pods with four or five beans. When we showed this type of cultivars in Brazil, we received excellent feedback from farmers. They really appreciate cultivars with more beans per pod”, Martínez added.

The Santa Rosa varieties are well positioned in the official soybean evaluation network. “We are in the Top Five. Some cultivars reached the top, like RA 4458 in the center of the Cordoba province. We are very satisfied with this cultivar. In San Luis, in the semi-arid zone of the country, we reached 4,200 kilograms per hectare with it”, he stressed.

The company is also launching varieties with the Intacta technology that confers to the crop resistance to glyphosate and insects. But they are also offering cultivars with tolerance to sulphonylurea herbicides, a non-transgenic technology, well appreciated by farmers.

Photo: a pic of the RA 655 cultivar, taken in the breeding center in Salto, Buenos Aires province