Buenos Aires, September 5th. A group of around 25 Australians farmers visited this Tuesday 3 September the headquarters of Bioceres, in Rosario city.

The Aussie farmers arrived to the country as part of the South America GrainsTour led by the Rabobank, from September 1 to 14, and covering farms at the most productive lands in Argentina and Brazil, and visiting the agribusiness associated with the grains, like wheat milling, corn-based ethanol plant (Bio4), the Rosario oilseed crushing pole, and grains facilities in Brazil.

According to the Rabobank’s presentation, Bioceres is a plant breeding and crop productivity solutions company, including drought-tolerant GM wheat. The company is a fully integrated provider of crop productivity solutions, including seeds, seed traits, seed treatments, biologicals, high-value adjuvants, and fertilizers. Bioceres owns or licenses 368 registered products and, either exclusively or non-exclusively, 210 patents and patent applications. In 2018, Bioceres achieved approval for the commercialization of HB4 germplasm creating drought-resistant wheat seeds.

One of the key point addressed by the Bioceres’ Product and Technology Manager, Francisco Ayala, in the presentation of the company was the HB4 technology, that confers drought-tolerance to crops like soybean and wheat. This technology could enhance Australian wheat production since this country suffers severe droughts with frequency. The visitants showed high interest in the technology and ask the hosts about details of the HB4 wheat performance.