by Leonardo Gottems, correspondent in Brazil
One of the largest global producers of phosphate and potassium combined, Mosaic Fertilizantes announced a partnership with InstaAgro. From now on, it will start to market its products in what is the first direct online platform for the purchase of agricultural inputs for the Brazilian rural producer.

The partnership will begin by offering the full Performance (MicroEssentials, K-mag and Aspire) and Special (Excellen and Athos) product lines for the northern Goiás state – one of Brazil’s leading grain and fiber producing regions. For the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, farmers will have access by InstaAgro to purchase Athos product (NPK in granules with very high-quality micronutrients).
According to the company, the aim is to “broaden its digital presence in the field and create more opportunities for farmers to access Mosaic Fertilizantes brand products”. This is corroborated by Christian Pereira, Director of Performance Products, that this is yet another initiative to increase the company’s access to producers by bringing high-tech products and services to these regions.
“We know that over 50% of a crop’s productivity is related to perfect plant nutrition. So using high-efficiency fertilizers makes all the difference and that’s what we want to provide farmers in northern Goiás by offering our Performance and Special product line to help them increase productivity, ”concludes Pereira.
According to Rodrigo Santini, co-founder and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of InstaAgro, the online direct selling platform for inputs “is premised on logistical excellence and full attention to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, meaning those three to four million small farmers who until today have not been satisfactorily served by traditional industries and canals. This is our first target audience and we will empower this farmer not only with more offers but above all with more transparency and knowledge. ”

According to Gustavo Barbosa, commercial director of the logistics company Luft Solutions, “e-commerce is a sales channel that cannot be ignored since last year it accounted for 12% of worldwide sales and generated R $ 61 billion in Brazil. in 2018, a 15% growth over the previous year. ” The topic of internet sales of inputs was the subject of a panel at the 9th Andav Congress (National Association of Agricultural and Veterinary Input Distributors), held last week in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.