(Photo: Agronomist Adrián Poletti, creator of a traceability software for food crops)

Buenos Aires, July 25th. Adrian Poletti is an agronomist based at Pergamino city, the iconic city of the Pampas’ agriculture. He advices farmers and farming companies about Good Agricultural Practices and he is deeply concerned about the regulatory standards of their exports.

In this way, he created Agtrace-food, a platform to assure that the exports satisfied chemical standards from importers countries. “In many food products, like peanuts and legumes, it is not only important the physical qualities (color, diameter, size) but chemical ones, related to the Maximum Residue Levels, which could remain in the grain after the utilization of agrochemicals”, Poletti explains.

The Agtrace-food platform is able to know how the crop was produced and stored, from the fallow to the post-harvest. “The software incorporates geo-referenced information of the farm, the variety or hybrid planted, the chemicals applied during the fallow and the growing stages, and the post-harvest lab analysis. This information permits access to complete records of how the grain was produced”, Mr. Poletti explains.

But the most interesting aspect of the software is its alarm system. As the operators must input information about dose applied, product, brand, etcetera, the software match this information with the standards both of local regulatory authorities as importers ones, and shots the alarm if, for example, the active ingredient is not authorized for the importer country for that crop, or if there is a risk to surpass the MRL. “It is possible that the active principle is authorized by the Argentinian authorities but not by the European ones, or it is possible that the dose applied surpasses the recommended, or that minimum waiting period between application and harvest was not respected”, Poletti exemplifies.

“The software suggests, based on this data, how to group the batches in order to the hybrid, variety and active ingredient used. The processing plant operator is able to manage the food storage in the most efficient mode with this information and provide traceability to the product. In this way, we are able to avoid that a certain batch goes to the inappropriate market”, Poletti concludes.

Know more about Agtrace-food at: www.agtrace-food.com  info@agtrace-food.com