(Photo: A class in the Austral’s Agribusiness Master, at Rosario city)

Buenos Aires, July 19th. The Agribusiness Master (MAG) from the Argentinian Austral University ascended to the second place in the global chart made by Eduniversal Group, behind the Food and Agribusiness Management program from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

“We are really proud”, Mr. Bernardo Piazzardi, one of the creators of the master twelve years ago, told to eFarmNewsAr.com. “We used to be ranked between the top ten, but this ascending to the second place is a great recognization to our effort and to the results achieved”, he added.

The Austral’s MAG surpassed this year largely recognized institution like Cornell University, Purdue or Texas A&M. “Eduniversal analyzes 4,000 MBA every year from 30 different areas. They consider three criteria: the satisfaction of the graduates; how their wages have grown after their graduation and the impact of the teaching team in the investigation area”, Piazzardi explained.

The MAG is based on Rosario city (Santa Fe province), where the largest world soybean crushing pole is based. They have a strategic association with the Agribusiness program at Purdue University. Around 30% of the students come from Latin America, basically Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru. “This recognization confirms two things: the role of the country in the farming world concert and that Argentina not only is able to export low value agricultural raw materials, but we are able to export high-quality knowledge to the world”, he said.

Mr. Piazzardi also remarked the relevance to be part of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA), where the Austral’s professors have presented numerous papers.

Look the chart of Eduniversal: Agribusiness Masters ranking