(Photo: Rodrigo Ramírez, sub-regional manager, during the presentation of the new corporate identity)

Buenos Aires, June 26th. It is probably that Rodrigo Ramírez does the same what his colleagues do in other companies, but his particular way to say the same things mark a formidable difference. Rodrigo is basically a speech builder and a great motivator, who is able to transmit its enthusiasm to his people. In fact, this is what he did last Tuesday, June 25th in Buenos Aires city, when he presented the New UPL.

He stressed the idea behind the OpenAg concept; he talked about no limits and no borders, about to have open minds and open hearts, and about a company that started its operation a half-century ago and that is planning the next half-century ahead.

After bought Arysta LifeScience, the New UPL climbed to the fifth position in the rank of the chemical companies, behind Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and Corteva. The company projects incomes by 5.2 billion dollars this fiscal year, from the previous 4.7 billion. “We want to anticipate the farmers’ needs, and then bring them solutions, but solutions that make their lives easier”.

But if the New UPL is the fifth company valued for their incomes, Rodrigo affirms that really is not the fifth, but that there is “one and other four” because the company is focused into difference itself from its competitors. “We have a purpose, a purpose which is relevant, distinctive and authentic”, the sub-regional manager Argentina said.

Talking about to anticipate the farmers’ needs, Rodrigo talked about the RAVIT network, that monitor 1.5 million hectares of crops in the central region of Argentina, and capture data for increasing the crops productivity. “Why not, tomorrow RAVIT will monitor 15 million hectares?”, Rodrigo asked himself. “No limits, we want to think without limits”.

After the presentation, the manager talked with eFarmNewsAr. He explained that the New UPL’s incomes in Argentina arounds US$90 million last fiscal year, and that they expect to increase them to US$110 million in the current one. “Seventy-four percent of the chemical market in Argentina comes from herbicides, with an increasing share of the selectives ones, and we have an excellent portfolio to control resistant weeds. We have a strong position in this segment”, he appointed.

Currently, the company occupies the seventh place between chemical companies in the country, and Rodrigo has in mind to reach third place. This implies to raise the incomes until no less than US$450 million. “We can do it”, he said with auto confidence.

The Marketing director, Diego Gandulfo, added talking with eFarmNewsAr, that the company is launching new solutions for farmers, like the fungicide Tridium that acts defeating fungi that developed resistance to the conventional products or the herbicides Dinamic Soja (a pre-emergent to control broad leaf weeds) or Tripzin, to control both broad leaf weeds and grasses in soybean pre-emergence.