(Photo. The 6E tractors were designed to assist in dairy and livestock production activities)

Buenos Aires, June 12th. Farm machinery manufacturer company John Deere announced last week the start of the 6E Serie tractors production in the Granadero Baigorria factory, in the province of Santa Fe. This series counts with three medium, light and agile models, which completes the John Deere tractors offer in the local market, focused on livestock and dairy producers.

“We will have a new line of Argentinian tractors, powered by engines made in Argentina, which is a clear signal about our confidence both in the local industry as in the farming potential”, chairman of the local branch Sergio Fernández said in a press release.

Currently, 6J and 7J tractors series are being manufactured in Argentina, since 2017 and 2018 respectively. “Since more than 60 years, John Deere is producing farm machinery in Argentina; we continue incorporating technology to improve the productivity of our costumers”, Fernandez added.

The 6R Series is composed of three models: 6100E, 6110E and 6125E, with 100, 110 and 125HP engines respectively. Moreover its versatility for the farm labors, these tractors were planned to collaborate with livestock and dairy producers, through an agile, versatile and comfortable design that permit operators to conducts them along long working days.

The 6E tractors are equipped with the new transmission Power Reverser Plus 24×12, with 24 forward and 12 reverse marchs.