Buenos Aires, May 30th. CEO of Rizobacter, Ricardo Yapur (photo), told the audience at the Argentina Exporta meeting, that his company is exporting US$45 million in the current fiscal year, over a total US$145 million. “Our market is the world. Around 120 million hectares are planted each year with soybean around the world, six times the Argentine acreage”, Yapur exposed.

The company is one of the three leading world companies in the inoculant market, reaching 21% of market share. A press release of the company said that while total revenues increased 3.5 times in the last 35 years, foreign trade increased ten times. “The goal is to reach US$80 million revenues from the foreign trade in the next three years”, the statement specifies.

In his address to the audience, Yapur stressed that Rizobacter has fitted to the consumer’s demand. “We can provide a 50 cc bag to the Indian farmers as a 50 liters bag to US farmers”, he remembered.

Currently, Rizobacter is exporting its products to 35 markets around the world and has 9 commercial offices in third countries, including France, the US, India, and South Africa.

The company stresses that world bio-stimulants, bio-fertilizers, and biocides market will achieve 11.3 billion dollars to 2022, growing 14% annual rate. The company has a model plant to produce 200K doses per day of inoculants. In 2016 it invested US$33 million in a plant to formulate biofertilizer Microstar, under its controlled Synertech.