(Photo: view of Corteva plot in Expoagro fair)

Buenos Aires, March 15th. This Thursday 14th Argentinean government, through the Ag-Industry secretariat authorized the planting and commercialization of PowerCore Ultra Enlist corn, from Corteva. The decision was shaped by the publication of the Order 20/2019 in the Public Register.
This “super corn” combines three action modes against insects and four traits to bring herbicides resistance.

In the framework of the Expoagro, the largest outdoor farming fair in Argentina, Marketing manager of Corteva, Julian Sudera, talked with www.eFarmNewsAr.com about this news. “There is a clear evolution in technologies to control insects and weeds. This technology will be very useful for farmers to control perennial weeds and glyphosate-resistant weeds like Amaranthus quitensis, because it combines glufosinate, glyphosate, 2-4D choline and Galant HL tolerance. In the other hand, Powercore Ultra Enlist provides tolerance against Helicoverpa, Diatraea and Spodoptera”, Sudera explains.

Despite the Government estimates that farmers plant 9.2 million hectares of corn in the seed industry official are more cautious. It’s believe that corn area rounds 6 to 6.2 million hectares, after a two million hectares jump in the 2015/16, when export taxes were removed.

“We see a heavy demand for technology solutions from farmers in the North and the West of the country. Herbicide-resistant weeds and insects are the two largest problems that farmers have to deal”, Sudera says, adding that through its brands Pioneer and Brevant, they take a 30% market share in the corn seeds business.

After the merger of Dow and DuPont agricultural branches to form Corteva, the new company has in Argentina three experimental stations, one based in Pergamino (focused in temperate germplasm), one in Cordoba Province (focused in tropical germplasm) and the other in Oran (Salta Province, in the North) to run counter-season production.

“Currently, we are joining the two breeding programs. In fact, breeders are glad because now they can access to a wider germplasm base”, Sudera adds. The official remarked that Argentina is the third largest market after the US and Brazil.

“We want that farmers have the better available technology tools to improve their yields”, said the Corteva’s country manager Juan Carlos Rojas in a public statement.

Photo: Julian Sudera, Marketing manager of Corteva in Argentina