Buenos Aires, March 14th. The microbial and digital technologies company Indigo celebrates the second campaign supplying crop solutions to farmers in Argentina. The leader of the local branch, Carlos Becco, remembers that in the first campaign farmers planted 10,000 hectares of soybean treated with the company products.

Last year, they launched Indigo Trigo for wheat farmers. Thirty agricultures accepted the challenge of use this technology and planted 4,100 hectares this 2018/19 season. And when the spring arrived, farmers expanded the soybean area treated to 65,000 hectares, plus 16,000 hectares of corn and 10,000 hectares of cotton.

“We are surpassing 95,000 hectares this campaign, we passed from 30 to 140 clients, and we propose ourselves to reach 300,000 hectares next season”, Carlos Becco told to www.eFarmNewsAr.com, from his plot in Expoagro, the largest outdoor farm fair in Argentina.

A day before of the arriving of David Perry, the CEO of Indigo to Argentina, Mr. Becco remarks that the Argentine acreage represent a quarter of the US acreage treated with the company’s products. “We are the second market for Indigo, far away from Brazil”, he added enthusiastic.

Indigo proposes to farmers an innovative contract agreement. They are willing to share with their clients the added-value generated by its technology.

“We take the data from our clients in an ‘act of faith’”, Mr. Becco jokes. “One third of the wheat farmers said that they have not obtained a plus of yield. Other third said that they obtained until 5% of yield improvement, and the remaining third said they collected more than 5% of yield plus, with a peak of 12%”, the country manager synthesizes.

Becco adds that they not found correlation between yield improvement and other variables, like wheat variety, fertilizer strategy, zone, etc. “Unfortunately we can’t arrive to any conclusion. We think that we need a larger universe of wheat treated area to arrive to any conclusion”, he adds. The weather along the season was good and no stress factors seemed to jeopardize the yields. It’s probably that in more difficult campaign, wheat plots treated with Indigo’s technology show larger differences.

But beyond this circumstances, Becco exhibits confidence in the future. “In the 2019/10 campaign we will launch products for rice, sunflower and peanuts, and we will pass from 4 to 6 microbial products to apply in seven crops”, he told to www.eFarmNewsar.com.

“This model works”, a self-confident Becco says. “We share the value and the risk, in a partnership with the farmers. It’s something like a pay per view. We are convinced that there is so much to growth with this disruptive technology”, he concludes.

Leader of the Argentine operation, Carlos Becco, talks about the strategy of the company in the country.