Buenos Aires, March 1st. Around 3.1 million metric tons of grains were operated in the Buenos Aires Futures Exchange (MATBA) during February.  While soybean was the largest grain hedged in that month, wheat marked the largest growth in an interannual basis, passing from 250K tons in 2018 to 705K tons last February.

However, the volume hedged last month resulted in 6% lower than February 2018, when 3.3 MMT was operated between futures and options. The cause was the minor activity in soybean futures contracts, since 2.28 MMT in 2017 to 1.16 MMT this year. Meanwhile corn futures operation during February grown to 937K tons versus 700K tons in February 2017.

In the first bimester 2019, 6.3 MMT of grains were operated in the MATBA, since 6.1 MMT in the same period of 2018.

The leadership of MATBA expects to grow 30/35% in futures and options operation along the year, reaching 60 MMT of grains hedged, from 44 MMT last year.

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