Buenos Aires, December 10th. Lino Barañao (photo), secretary of Science and Technology, backs the approval of the HB4 wheat, a GMO crop developed by Bioceres and the Conicet to drought tolerance.
While officials from the secretariat of Ag-Industry said to www.eFarmNewsAr.com in a strict ‘off the record’ that they recommended not to approve the GMO wheat, and most of the exporters also oppose to the release, now the influential former ministry (currently secretary) Baraño expressed a fullback to the release.
“From the point of view of the human consumption, we are already eating this gen because it comes from the sunflower”, Barañao stressed in dialogue with the official news agency Telam. “Our farmers deal with chronic droughts and they need all the available tools to fight them. Argentina cannot loss the opportunity to be a leader in the field of the biotechnology”, he added.
Barañao relativized the impact of the approval of this GMO wheat on the foreign markets. He said that Argentina is the only country in the world considering the foreign trade impact to approve or not to approve a transgenic crop. He added that it is a remarkable aspect, but that there are alternatives instead ban the crop, for example, to approve ‘ad referendum’ that importers countries accept it.
Some influential media reporters, like Hector Huergo from Clarin newspaper, manifested in favor to the approval. Copying the Barañao’s arguments, he writes this weekend that US official never would consider to ban a GMO crop alleging a damage in the export markets, because this is a private issue.
But bureaucrats in the Government fears that if they approve the HB4 wheat and this carry on trading troubles, public opinion identify them as guilty and, thus, they will fired from their comfortable seats.