(Photo: Federico Trucco, CEO of Bioceres Group. Source Bichos de Campo)

Buenos Aires, October 19th. Finally, Argentinean Government released the drought and glyphosate-tolerant soybean, developed by Instituto Argentino de Agrobiotecnología (INDEAR) and containing the IND 00410-5 and MON 04032-6 traits.

Through the Resolution 15/2018, the Food and Bioeconomy Secretariat (depending on the Production and Labour Ministry) decided to authorize the use and commercialization of this soybean and its progeny in the country, but not until China formally accept the import of the soybean containing IND00410-5 trait.

This trait was developed by the INDEAR, a JV between Bioceres Group and Conicet (the local Technology and Science Institute) thanks to the work of Dr. Raquel Chan, a scientist from Litoral University who identified the HB4 gene in sunflower, that confers tolerant to salinity and drought and who was able to transfer it to other crops, including the soybean.

Bioceres Group, that runs a JV with the Chinese DBN Biotechnology Group, is waiting for the approval of IND 00410-5 trait by Chinese authorities.

In dialogue with the local media “Bichos de Campo”, Bioceres CEO Federico Trucco expressed that they are waiting for the Chinese approval during 2019.