The Matba Rofex financial and agricultural futures and options market reached a record of agricultural contracts in April and ranked second in soybeans and third in corn in open positions worldwide.

The volume traded was 6.8 million tons during the last month, accumulating 22 million tons so far this year, Matba Rofex reported in a statement.

On the other hand, the open positions averaged 7 million tons, while the daily volume also reached its peak, reaching 524,000 tons in the last rounds of April.

In soybeans, the open position exceeded 4 million tons, becoming the second largest in the world, behind the Chicago square, doubling that of the Dalian Chinese market.

In corn, Matba Rofex shares the third global position, with 2,422,425 tons and approaching the volumes of Euronext (2,422,750), and behind the Chicago Mercantil Exchange and Dalian.

Special emphasis was placed on new trading tools, such as the Guaranteed Fixed Trades made available in November 2020.

The Guaranteed Fixed Operations allow purchase-sale transactions to be carried out, with a process guaranteed by Matba Rofex.

The pricing is done through futures operations, which ensures a high level of transparency in the formation of quotes.

To date, about 80,000 tons have been registered.
It is an instrument that will allow financial sector players to place funds in a negotiable security that will replicate the evolution of commodity prices.