A report from the Rosario Stock Exchange details that wheat exports during the 2019/20 campaign, left a balance of 11.9 million tons, thus registering its second best export brand in terms of volume, only behind what happened. in the 2016/17 campaign.

In relation to the values, and due to the 6% drop in the total value of exports, sales abroad of the cereal resulted in an inflow of foreign currency of 2,336 million dollars, a number that is below that generated in the last two campaigns.

Regarding export destinations, it is observed that Brazil continues as the main destination for unprocessed Argentine wheat exports, absorbing 4.7 Mt, which is equivalent to 40% of the total exported, but according to the analysis, this number represents a drop in the 8.7% to what was imported by Brazil last season.

In second place, with 22% of total purchases, is Indonesia, which acquired 2.6 Mt (an increase of 36% vs. 2018/19), and in third, fourth and fifth place are Bangladesh, Kenya and Thailand respectively, which together acquired 1.4 Mt of Argentine cereal.