The report prepared by the Observatory of the Argentine Dairy Chain (Ocla) confirms that Argentina was the country where milk production grew the most, in the period January-October 2020: 7.5%.

The survey has data from the 14 countries that account for about 60% of world cow’s milk production.
Behind Argentina are two other South American countries: Chile, with an increase of 6.3%; and Uruguay, with an increase of 5.6%.

In general, all nations show a positive year-on-year variation, except Ukraine, with a decline of 4.1 percent.

The European Union maintains the accumulated record of the previous month and the United States also maintains the growth of the last six months, even improving 0.1% reaching a rate of 1.9% and both due to its large participation in both production and in the international dairy trade, they set the pace of world weighted growth.

Meanwhile, New Zealand continues to recover the negative values ​​that it presented and in the accumulated to August it has the first positive value as a result of the growth of the first three months of the dairy year and that even now improves in September and now maintains in October.

It is worth mentioning that world production that started with almost 3.3% year-on-year growth has been slowing down as the year progresses and we can estimate with the information to date that it would be between 1.5% and 2.0% in The annual total, in any case, continues to be an important value to satisfy a world demand that is surely in the annual balance, below that value and above all with many periodic variations depending on the COVID effects and the situation of the World economy.