Weeks ago, the Jujuy company Ledesma ended its 2020 harvest with a production of 342 thousand tons of physical sugar, which represents a growth of 5% compared to the previous year.

In this period, the firm ground around 3.6 million tons of sugar cane, of which almost three million were its own tons, and 61,000 from independent cane growers.

In turn, the estimated production of alcohol was 80 million liters and Ledesma decided to convert part of the bioethanol that it had produced to be used for pharmaceutical alcohol, to collaborate in the supply of sanitary supplies to the population.

Thus, alcohol production was 15 million liters and bioethanol 65 million.
In turn, for 2021, Ledesma plans investments of more than US $ 10 million to strengthen its renewable energy production -which supplies half of the energy used by the company in its production processes- and technological innovation.

Ledesma employs more than 7,000 people in seven Argentine provinces, of which around 6,000 work in Jujuy. Therefore, in this province more than 25,000 people are directly linked to the company and its industrial complex of Libertador General San Martín.