The Ledesma company, dedicated to the production of sugar, paper and fruits, announced last week that it obtained a profit of 736 million pesos in its annual balance closed last May. The most important fact is that in this way it managed to reverse the adverse results of its four previous years. Only during the past year it recorded a negative result of 2,100 million pesos.

Meanwhile, sugar production increased by 10% to 324,130 tons thanks to the improvements made in the plantation systems, according to the firm. Regarding exports, Ledesma sold for 83 million dollars, although they stated that it was not a good year for sugar shipments.

In any case, the company maintained its export profile basically in the fresh fruit business and also an important export in the paper business, with new lines being launched.

In this framework, from Ledesma they remarked that they had a very good year in terms of harvested fruits, since on average it was around 95,000 tons, but in the year that closed in May it reached 105,000 tons and exports of about 30,000 tons.

Finally, during this period the company that has its base of operations in the province of Jujuy accumulated sales of around 29,000 million pesos.