Virtually, the 23rd edition of the Technical Update Day on Soybeans, carried out by the company Don Mario, addressed the need to incorporate new skills and knowledge, to make soybean cultivation a more sustainable system over time.

Obdulio San Martín, General Director of Don Mario Semillas stressed that a point is being reached where the model begins to “creak”, and where there are “many things to correct”. “Everything that does to management, to germplasm, to data science, we have to give it a twist and look at it as a system, with a holistic view, taking advantage of new tools.”

For his part, Jerónimo Costanzi, Development Manager GDM LAS, spoke about soybean yields, genetic improvement and agronomic practices, and how to increase productivity in the coming years, at the cost of reducing production gaps.

“If we look at the performance of the last 10 years we see a stabilization of the surface and of yields. The question arises whether we are touching yield ceilings or they are so variable that they do not increase.”

That is why he stressed that understanding the environment is the key. “We approached the subject from there, in order to define what are the variables that imply the sources of variations in the crop; in addition to the genetic question and agronomic practices,” he said.

Costanzi presented the DonMario Enlist genetics and the variety portfolio for all the maturity groups planted in the country, the fruit of more than 7 years of local improvement.