The pig production business in Argentina still has a lot to develop. Within this framework, the main companies in the sector are increasing their production with the aim of exporting to China.
Meanwhile, the Argentine Foreign Ministry is also working on a plan to attract investments of $ 4 billion from China to jointly produce pigs.

Argentina produces some 700,000 tons of pork, has 350,000 commercial mothers and another 600,000 in backyard or non-commercial production. China is the world’s leading producer. Before African swine fever, it produced about 54 million tons and lost 20 million tons because of the disease. China is looking for how to buy that meat that it lacks and hence the focus in Argentina.

In the coming weeks, the governments of Argentina and China are ready to sign a memorandum of understanding to carry out the ambitious swine production project that would boost the Argentine business.

Argentina could close 2020 with pig exports of about 36,000 tons Argentina could close 2020 with pig exports for about 36,000 tons.
World trade in pork products – which is around 12 million tons per year – has promising prospects. According to the data considered by the Government, in the last decade it grew 33%, mainly due to purchases of 1.8 million tons from China.

Argentina exported some 18,000 tons of pig meat so far this year, 60% to China. Sources of the activity foresee that the country ends 2020 selling abroad for 36,000 tons.