The Argentine agribusiness launched the Argentine Agroindustrial Council, a group made up of more than 40 chambers and entities in the sector that seeks to promote exports to reach US $ 100 billion annually in shipments, which means an increase of 54% compared to US $ s65,000 million currently exported in the agricultural products segment.

“We come to contribute to the exit of the pandemic, to bring solutions and not to demand, but to propose a framework for dialogue to achieve the objective of growing in exports, generating at least 210,000 new direct jobs in the sector and up to 700,000 indirect jobs,” José explained. Martins, president of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange and spokesperson for the Council.

As they carried out in parallel, they are also promoting a bill aimed at export agro-industrial development that “must be dealt with in Congress this year” and which aims to provide a “framework of fiscal and financial stability for a period of not less than 10 years” .

The Council has already taken its proposal to various national and provincial officials. Production Minister Kulfas, Agriculture Minister Basterra and Chancellor Solá were some of “those who are supporting us in this initiative,” said Martins.

“The crisis is rushing us and we do not want to be left alone as something illustrative, we want to have the final proposal ready in a maximum period of 60 days. We also aspire to directly propose our objectives to the President of the Nation in the short term, “said Martins.

Finally, immediately taking into account only the basic agro-industrial complexes, that is, dairy meats and grains, among others. The sector could grow up to US $ 16,000 million a year in external shipments, generating an economic movement for Argentina of US $ 31,000 million.