Foreign Minister Felipe Solá highlighted the virtues of the Argentine agricultural sector and urged producers and entrepreneurs to export more knowledge on the subject.

He did so at the meeting he held with the Argentine Association of Direct Sowing Producers (Aapresid), and even offered the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship to expand.

“One of the most important exports of Argentina is knowledge in agriculture. We have the most competitive agriculture in the world if we measure it by incorporating technology and accumulated thinking”, he said.

According to the official, the challenge is to “sell that package so that in other countries Argentina will end up doing agriculture, with Argentine tractors, Argentine harvesters, Argentine technicians and Argentine businessmen”, he said.

He mentioned reaching countries like the United States or Australia, but also nations of Central America or African states like Angola and Mozambique.

Solá was accompanied by the secretary for International Economic Relations, Jorge Neme, while Alejandro Petek, José Luis Tedesco and Marcelo Torres, among others, attended via teleconference.

Solá also expressed the need to generate exports with higher added value. “We must not underestimate agriculture thinking that it exports primary goods, because everything has a process of technology, work and knowledge behind it. If the first value of the chain is assured because we guarantee safety, quality and sustainability, the challenge ahead is to get out of the first link towards higher value products in the chain ”.

Neme highlighted: “Let’s export corn, but also corn transformed into meat and meat converted into prepared meat.”

The Secretary explained that the Foreign Ministry is interested in stimulating the export of “turnkey” projects that generate agriculture in other countries with Argentine machinery, Argentine seeds, Argentine businessmen and Argentine workers. He mentioned, among other possible destinations, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Tunisia, Nigeria, Cuba, Bulgaria, Romania and Kazakhstan.

“It cannot be that they come to Argentina to buy but we do not go out to sell more, and for that goal the Foreign Ministry commits its aid”, Neme said .