Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which seemed to complicate the export of Hilton quota beef cuts for Europe in recent months, Argentina closed the 2019/2020 cycle with 94.2% compliance and revenue for US $ 283.1 million.
During this period, 27,787.82 tons were shipped to Europe.

The quota closed its 2019/2020 cycle with an average value of $ 10,188 per ton.
As for the buyers of Hilton meat, Germany was the first market with 15,789.32 tons, followed by the Netherlands with 7,640.15 tons and, among other destinations, Italy with 2,887.50.

At the same time, the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture distributed the quota of the 2020/21 quota.
Of the 33 refrigerators selected, the Import and Export Corporation of Patagonia, known as La Anónima, was the main beneficiary with 2,400,232 tons.

Swift followed, with 2,302,278 tons; Quickfood, with 2,013,636; Friar, with 1,854,916; Gorina, with 1,806,850; Rioplatense, with 1,707,820; Arrebeef, with 1,613,071; Carnes pampeanas, with 1,383,874; Compañía Bernal, with 1,231,331; Coto, with 1,173,786 and Ecocarnes, with 909,027.

Within the total distributed there is 10% of the tonnage that will be assigned to joint export projects undertaken by breeder associations and small and medium-sized rural establishments dedicated to livestock farming.